Who are You?

Do you have a style that tells the world who you are?  When people think of you, what comes to mind?  Are you traditional, romantic, conservative, quirky?  How do you develop a style that says “you”?   Not sure what to do to find the inner you and say it through your clothing?  Here are a few ideas, but share what you do to say “I’m here”!

If you are both very feminine, but strong and self assured, try very soft, flowing, lacy or ruffled pieces teamed with leather.  A long crocheted or gauzy skirt, short leather jacket and gladiator sandals or booties, for example.

Maybe you have a waist worth emphasizing-always wearing an eye catching belt says you are self confident and assured which translates to focused and creative in the business world.

Do you see yourself as traditional, but fun?  Just add an unexpected punch of color to your outfits.

Are you edgy, independent and unpredictable?  Do you have an awesome, fantastic LBD?  Wear it everywhere-over leggings, with a blazer…..

Is your image exotic and mysterious?  A little glitz, when unexpected, lush fabrics, like velvet or Asian inspired cuts or prints can help convey this message.

To sum it all up:

  1. Select a signature for yourself, something you will be known for-fabulous purses, great scarves, fun belts, awesome sunglasses, etc.
  2. Mix pieces from different designers to create a look that is uniquely you.
  3. Know your body type and make sure your clothes fit!
  4. Always love what you are wearing!
  5. Have fun with color.
  6. Wear shoes that say something other than “I can’t be bothered”.
  7. Wear your jewelry in unexpected ways-necklaces for belts, pins at your waist, stretchy bracelets to hold hair back.
  8. Pair masculine pieces with feminine and dressy pieces with casual ones.
  9. Step out of your rut and rework your wardrobe, mixing and matching in new ways and getting rid of everything that isn’t really you, doesn’t fit or isn’t worn and start with a fresh, new attitude.  Try the unexpected.
  10. Add a little touch of glamour.