Dr. Green Thumb

Get healthy, inside and out with plants, fruits and vegetables.

Having a 1/4 cup of raisins before you exercise will make your exercise more effective.

Bulking up on fresh vegetables, whole grains and nuts will improve your blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and help excess pounds to disappear.

Add fresh ginger when cooking-it’s loaded with cancer fighting anti-oxidants.

Sweet potatoes and almonds, added weekly to your diet can keep your hearing strong and fine tuned.

Pomegranate juice and fruit help keep joints healthy.

Lavender essential oil helps sooth joint pain.  Turmeric and ginger also aid in reducing knee pain and joint swelling.

Keep a cactus on your computer desk.  The compounds they emit help to counteract electromagnetic radiation.  They also help boosts concentration and ward away tired and dry eyes.

Keeping a vase of Gerber daisies near your bed will help you sleep better.

Boston ferns will humidify the air, which is great for your skin.

Spider plants clean toxins from the air and are a great indoor plant for those who suffer from headaches.

Fight allergies with a rubber tree and keep your bathrooms cleaner with peace lilies.

Freshen the air with cinnamon sticks.

Lime juice and zest, added to food, also helps fight allergies.

Mangos give you energy, citrus fruits boost your immune system and avocado helps get rid of belly fat.

Melons are great for making your skin beautiful and strawberries reduce inflammation.

Time to head for the nearest Farmer’s Market

Cheers,  Thea

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