What’s In, What’s Out, What’s Hot and What’s SO Not!


↑ Barrettes and Braids

↑ Floral Extracts in Skin Care

↑ Rich, tone on tone, Hair Color

↑ Black Pearl Nail Polish

↑ Skin Illuminators and Glossy Lip Pencils

↑ Rose and Green Eye Shadows and Fuchsia Lipstick

↑ Exploring New Places and Norwegian Cuisine

↑ Groupings of Several Vases and Flower Types

↑ Group Workout Classes

↑ Animal Pattern Inspired Decor

↑ Orange Clothing

↑ Snakeskin Accessories and Ombre Shaded Shades

↑ Chunky Heels and Wooden Wedges

↑ Wide Belts, Color Blocked Accessories, Medallion Necklaces and Envelope Bags

↑ Skyping or Video-Chatting

↑ Trench Coat Styles and Peasant Style Blouses

↑ High Waisted Flared Pants and Midi Skirts


→  Pale Denim

→  Maxi Skirts and Mini Skirts and Jeggings

→ Cropped Pants, Skinny cargoes and Baggy Khakis

→ Cork, Rope and Leather Wedges

→ Tweed Jackets and Neutral Bags

→ Lacy Tops

→ Kitten Heels and Clogs

→ Soft Neutrals and Khaki Colors

→ Visiting Iceland, Italy and Spain

→ In Denim-Dark, Skinny, Bootcut, Ripped and Boyfriend Jeans

→ Metallic Shades in Makeup-Bronze, Copper, Gold, Platinum

→ Matte Lipstick, Red Lipstick, Nude Glosses and Lipsticks

→ Bouncy, Wavy Hair and Decorated Bobby Pins and Headbands


↓ The Goth Look

↓ Extreme Hair Styles or Colors

↓ Tie Dye Jeans

↓ Overly Tricked-Out and Decorated Hotel Rooms

↓ Bacon on Everything

↓ Tons of Gym Machines

↓ Acid Colors

↓ Talking on the Phone

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