Where did I go? The Aftermath of Cancer.

”Where did I go?  The Aftermath of Cancer”

I’m proud my company, MyMakeup101 is a sponsor of the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation. I hope you will donate to this charity after reading this very personal blog.

Cancer has deeply affected me twice in my life.  At 16, I watched my mother fight her battle with lung cancer and loose a year later.  My stepmother of 38 years just lost her battle with stomach cancer.

They were both beautiful women.  Cancer made them feel ugly.  Their skin was dry, their hair was gone, eyelashes were gone, lips were chapped.

It’s the little things, always the little things that make a difference.

Following doctor’s orders, eating well and good dental care are a given. Keeping hydrated, well rested and exercising when you can are all necessary and beneficial, but makeup and skin care do a lot to help a woman emotionally and to feel better physically.

Check with your doctor for approval for anything you apply to your skin.

Go natural-mineral makeup without oils or fillers, such as talc or rice powder, fragrance free and with a natural sunscreen. Use non-drying cleansers. Body lotion, hand cream and lip balm are great to give or receive while still in the hospital.  They can start to help right away.

Beautiful scarves, exotic turbans and fun hats are all ways of expressing yourself, if you choose to cover your head and want an option to wigs.  If not, go wild with fantastic earrings and play up your new, smooth do!

Sugar scrubs will get rid of dry, flaky skin and leave you soft and moisturized.  A simple, organic one you can make at home is to blend brown sugar and honey together, add a little moisturizer gel cleanser and wash away!

False eyelashes and an eyebrow pencil are options, as are bright, colorful eyeshadows and liners. Rich, moisturized lipsticks in either the currant trend setting shades or your reliable favorite will make you want to smile.  Make sure they contain an SPF!

A tinted moisturizer or concealer can help even out and correct skin tones-green tints neutralize red skin and lavender tints neutralize yellow. A light coral tinged blush and a little bronzer will give a warm, healthy glow and help make a woman look rested and fresh.

Go easy with your makeup-a light touch with blushes, foundations, powders and bronzers.

Brushes need to be washed regularly-a little mild baby shampoo will do the trick nicely!  Throw away and replace your sponges weekly!

Indulge in manicures and pedicures-the massages that go with each are an added blessing.  Feeling special and pampered helps the healing process. Fresh flowers next to your bed, candlelight around your bath, 600 count plus sheets and a plush robe to wrap up in are soothing and will help you relax.

Treat yourself as well as possible and indulge in little niceties that make you feel good.

There are a wealth of tips on the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundations website www.emeraldheart.org and I urge you support this wonderful charity. For every purchase of my phone app or an order of cosmetics we donate 50c. Please visit www.mymakeup101.com for details.

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