De-stress….Summer’s Coming!

Try any or all of the following ideas for easy ways to de-stress.  After all, stress works against your overall health, your natural beauty, your sublime figure and even your glorious hair.  It really doesn’t do anyone much good!

  1. A cup of caffeinted black tea, every day helps you recover 20% faster from stress.  The components in tea lower stress causing cortisols.
  2. Sing out loud!  Sing a peppy tune with energy and vigor.  Mood boosting endorphins will be released, even if you don’t know the words!
  3. Stop watching the newws and start watching sitcoms!  Worrying about situations you cn’t personally change cause cortisol levels to rise while laughing reduces those nasty stress hormones.
  4. Regulary stretch.  A yoga or Pilates class, slow rhythmic swimming, using an exercise ball….anything that just stretches your muscles will cause a rise in the calming chemicals in your brain!
  5. Lily of the Valley fragrance causes a 25% decrease in nervousness.  Get a fresh bouget of the blossoms, light a fragranced candle or heat Lily of the Valley aromatherapy oils.  Breathe your way to relaxation.
  6. Take a walk.    Walking boosts your brain’s level of endorphins and dopamine, making you feel more upbeat and refreshed.
  7. Get outside!  Go to the park, botanic gardens, the woods….take a walk in a field.  You’ll be glad you did.
  8. Eating a little naughty food, such as ONE glazed donut or a cookie or a piece of sharp cheese will lower your brains’ output of that stress hormone, cortisol.
  9. Listen to music that does something for you-you can get motivated with the Rocky soundtrack or Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, boost your focus and memory with Classical music, reduce anxiety with violin, harp or sitar music, solve problems better with reggae or salsa and feel more optimistic with happy songs.
  10. Get a better night’s sleep wita bedtime snack of almonds or almond butter on crackers.
  11. Wear the color green-it is calming and de-stressing.
  12. Beat fatigue and stress with popcorn, mint, eggs, papaya or pickles.

What tips are in your “De-stressing” kit?



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