Mineral Makeup….Why It’s so HOT!!

Pure mineral makeup allows you endless options and My Makeup 101 offers the finest minerals on the market today.  Breathable, blendable and beautiful!

Look for products without:

parabens, petroleum products, preservatives, waxes (clogs pores) bismuth (can irritate sensitive skin), talc, rice powder, oils or fragrance.

Look for products with:

  • Titanium Dioxide:  anti-aging,  a natural SPF, provides sun protection
  • Zinc Oxide:  has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties

Pure Mineral Makeup Benefits:

  • Water resistant and a great option for humid environments
  • Ideal for sensitive, acne prone or skin with problems, such as rosacea
  • Allows skin to breathe while providing great coverage
  • Light reflective quality diminishes the appearance of fine lines
  • Helps balance the moisture content in the skin
  • Less is more, since the colors are pure, products will last longer-tap off brush excess
  • After applying your foundation or powder, let it set for a few minutes- it will blend with skin’s natural chemistry.  Wait,10-15 min., blend-larger pores will appear even smaller.

Pure Mineral Makeup Features:

  • Any color can be mixed with any other color to make completely unique shades, for face, blush, eye shadow, powder, lips, etc. that are all you!
  • Any product can be mixed with lotion or cream-make a liquid foundation as saturated or as sheer as you want.  Same for your concealer or eye shadow.
  • Mix colors for your eyes with water or saline (stays on even longer!) and use for eyeliner, or a matte shadow look.
  • Use a small angled brush and short strokes to fill in eyebrows.  Dampen brush first to last longer.
  • Put minerals into clear lip balm or lip gloss to create the perfect lip color.  The more you add, the more saturated the color.
  • Use a good clear nail polish, dip the brush into mineral color of choice-paint your nails.
  • Mineral makeup is so multi-functional and sheer that if you have oily skin, like I do, you can use your mineral powder both under and over your foundation for a flawless look.
  • Paint colored streaks in your hair, for fun or create “highlights” or “lowlights” with dry minerals and a hairbrush.  Application to a specific area can be done with a clean, dry mascara wand.

Options are endless and a flawless face is always easy to achieve with pure mineral makeup! Visit www.mymakeup101.com